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A Natural Beauty

After visiting my blog last night and realizing how long it really has been since I have updated, I figured I’d take a little opportunity during the holiday to post, for you all, some of my summer seniors that hadn’t made it up here yet! Shame on me, right?  This pretty gal was seriously, a […]

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Tip #5

You know the frames they have available that show off pictures from a babies first year.  Maybe you have one in your home for each of your kids.  One of those frames with the little ovals for a picture from each month of your child’s first year.  I don’t have any of those for my […]

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Tip #4

So, today I challenge you to go back to last year’s Christmas pictures and see how many you can find of yourself, the photographer.  Do you have hundreds?   Is there proof that you exist and are actually a vital part of the family?  I’ll betcha that the majority of you found only one or […]

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Tip #3

My most favorite pictures of families, children, or couples are the ones that evoke emotion.  The ones where the subjects aren’t all looking dead into the camera with their perfect smiling faces that can often read, “Hurry, take your picture, I’m smiling and I get a sucker after this!”  You know what I mean?  Listen, […]

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Tip #2

Anyone who appreciates the art of photography knows the importance of light to create a beautiful image.  Often however, we whip out our camera in the effort to capture a sweet memory and it turns out dark and grainy.  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Well, if it’s a daytime gathering with the fam […]

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