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Gabby Ramon :: AHS :: Class of 2016

This year I will be striving for change in the blogging department…like allowing people to see more completely, the photos I take.  Let’s be honest, it’s been about 100 years since my last post.  Give or take a few. 😉  So, I thought I’d start with some of my outstanding senior models from the class of 2016. Last year at this time I asked for a few of my chosen models to write a little about themselves, finishing this statement: I am most likely to…….. what?  I loved what Gabby wrote so I thought I’d start with her.  What a gem of a girl.  I was so proud to have her on the team this past year!

Here’s what she wrote:  Mostly Likely to Serve Others

It is said that true leaders always lead by serving others first before themselves. Reaching out to those in need, having compassion for others, and greeting friends, family, and strangers with a smile on your face is what brings true beauty to life. I love to make people happy; I strive to make sure that everything is cool, calm, and collected in my life. I am able to reach out to others and do things for people by participating in my high school’s student government and by helping out my class as much as I can. More recently, I have been pushing myself to look beyond my selfish ways and serve others first. Let me tell you, it is a great feeling! Rather than being jealous of others (I tend to become green with envy at my close to perfect friends) I chose to support my friends and family members by opening my heart to their wonderful accomplishments. There is no better feeling in the world than the feeling one can get when they give all that they can. By lightening the burdens of others, it makes the world a better place.  You can serve others just by being there for those who need a friend to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Every young girl should know that true beauty can be found in those who are most likely to serve those around them.





















Thank you Gabby for your willingness to share from your heart.  I absolutely loved working with you this year.  Best of luck to you as your step out into this world serving others and winning everyone over with that genuine smile!


The Ems Wedding :: July 11, 2015 :: Paris, MI

I’m just so excited to share this beautiful July wedding.  I met Erin a couple of years ago when she came to Alma for a photography mentoring session with me at the studio.  Erin is a fabulous photographer in her area so I was happy to teach her my tips and tricks.  Since then, we’ve kept in touch and I just had a feeling (ok, she told me) that she’d be getting engaged soon.  Well, the day arrived and I couldn’t have been more excited to book this gal’s wedding.  I just love her personality and I couldn’t wait to meet her guy.  Turns out he’s a real keeper.  I can see why she snatched him up!

You heard me right, the wedding began in Paris.  Paris, Michigan that is and the weather was just perfect.  We got ready in the couple’s home with the ladies, while the guys did their thing at mom and dad’s house.  With Paige Marie by my side again for this day, we were able to capture it completely from start to finish.  Take a look inside the wedding day of this dynamite couple.  <3

Richards Wedding :: June 13, 2015

I’m so pleased to post this beautiful June wedding.  The dress, the gorgeous couple, the flowers.  All the things.  We began the day at the bride’s parents house on the family farm to capture all those fun “getting ready” pictures and then traveled to the church for the ceremony.  Many thanks to my amazing second shooter, Paige Marie for helping me capture their beautiful wedding day story.  Paige met up with the guys while I stuck with the girls and then did a great job of capturing the detail shots at the reception before everyone arrived while I photographed the new Mr. and Mrs. on the farm, following the ceremony.  Truly, so many benefits to adding on a second shooter to your most important day.  We truly loved every minute of this day and getting to know the family.  Everyone was just so easy going, which allowed us to do what we do best with ease.  Take a look at all the highlights from Charlie and Elizabeth’s day. <3

Many blessings to you two.  It was an honor to celebrate with you!


Sugden Wedding :: June 6, 2015

To photograph the fresh new love on a wedding day is a beautiful thing.  This day was no different.  It was such a great joy to capture the union of Tyler and Heidi.  Although I didn’t know them well prior to planning the wedding, I saw them often because we attend the same church in Mt. Pleasant.  The excitement of seeing the growth of young, new love is contagious and to know that they undoubtedly have Christ at the center of their marriage makes it that much more special to be a part.

The weather was perfect for their special day so we were able to capture it all outdoors.  Thank you Pure Michigan!  Enjoy their wedding day story.  It was lovely!

Many, many blessings on your life together.  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of this day.


Victoria Christophe - June 28, 2015 - 3:12 am

You’re really good at what you do. Awesome photos Molly

Martha A Pearson - July 1, 2015 - 1:50 am

What a beautiful wedding…..so glad we could be there! Of course we could not have missed it, nor will we miss Sarah’s unless something drastic happens to prevent it. You are the last of our grandchildren to get married…..wow! where did all the time go? Much love and many prayers will be going up for both of you & your husbands.

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